Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Eve.......

There is no wonder Counsellors have Supervision, and therapy themselves! Becauase do you know? After a really busy day, visiting my Friends, and sharing wine. And dragging poor Holly (i think she loves it really) round attatched to Ziggy, and Finn sitting on my panniers, hey he's getting heavy!! I ended up meeting a couple of mates....? in the Spit. The night was young and we boogied along down, to various tunes, and as I can't dance at all, and don't ever claim to really dance, it just ended up being some sort of walking about waving arms, shouting, and singing even? the words of the songs. Not really acting like a 46 year old!! My friends proceeded to fall out, with slaps, drinks over heads.....much abuse.....it was like being at a Youth Club!!

I left, bringing an extra child back, the time was 11.30pm. So I had a lonely midnight!! :(

In fact I ended up in tears, because an unsuspecting very young man had asked me when my Baby was due!!, I just smiled and said 10years ago!!

I lent my ear to so many folk yesterday. New Years Day, was gonna be different!!!

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