Monday, 14 January 2013

Northern Rail Are Pants!!

On what could be a very monumental day for disability travel, in Europe. I thought I'd better get more experienced in taking Ziggy on the train. And I was actually wanting to save Sheffield Council, about £25 a time, So I hatched a plan, and that was to cycle to Dore train Station, board a train with my trike at 957 arrive in Sheff 7minutes later, and then cycle to Redvers House..

Directors and Managers in Social Care were extatic, at my innovative plan, I just needed safe storage for my Trike??? I received an email, telling me there was no prob, and the reception staff would look after my cycle. At 5.20, I just thought I'd prewarn Sheffield Station, that I was coming, and I would need assistance to get my Mobility Aid off the train.I was passed from Manager to manager, and eventually I was told NO!!!!...........Blighters!!! :/

I was really happy, before they said that, it had done marvels for my confidence and Wellbeing.


  1. Oops Caroline, wish you had let me do a bit of work on this before letting off steam. Maybe it wasn't to be today but I think there are ways to come up with a solution for the future.

    Just let things cool off a bit, and we'll do this again but in less of a rush, and let's work out the strategy to cope with any hiccoughs that might happen, and how to deal with them.

    Going to the meeting seemed OK. Train should have arrived at 09.53.30 and left at 09.58.00. Outside the morning peak I'd reckon on 30 or so passengers on the 102-seat train, so plenty of space. Coming back you would have 14 minutes to get down the hill from the Council Offices up in one lift and down in another one and the full length of Platform 2b to Platform 2c, and on to the train, or have a couple of hours to wait. Even I would think that 14 minutes was a bit tight for me and my bike.

    It does highlight one thing I did for meetings we used to have at a place where the fast train arrived at 5 minutes past the hour, so the meetings started at quarter past rather than arbitarily on the hour. If you have meetings for people who generally need to use buses or trains do consider setting the meeting times to fit the bus or train timetables. Happens for all meetings in Scottish Highlands and Islands, which start after the ferry arrives and finish before it leaves.

    The solution might not be exactly what yon might originally have expected, and might not always be available, as your normal Dore train gets really full during the rush hour, so that the other (fast) trains make a special stop there. It may be a detail to work on for future timetable plans.

  2. Caroline, to reinforce what Dave says, we have good connections with Northern and had we known what you wanted to do could have made sure the guard on that particular train was aware. Sheffield Station is run by East Midlands trains not Northern, so Dave might be best placed to talk to them.