Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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Finns Mongoose :)

I woke today, after not sleeping terribley well, I woke and felt really low as memories of the previous evenings events unfolded. Suddenly everyone wanted to know me, to pour their hearts out, and tell me their side of the story. But do you know?? I told them all to leave me alone!! To the point where I've ignored knocks on my door!!! Thats so unlike me!!? I just wanted quality time, with my kids including the 4 legged sort!!

We couldn't cycle too far in Gillfield Woods, because of the Style, and I was feeling too feeble to get 2 cycles, and a Whippet over!! But we did a couple of miles which walked the dog, and the paths in there are fantastic!!

And Happy New Year everyone, you know I can't really think of any Resolutions? I know I should lose weight, but I aqm normally happy and healthy. And my GP reckons, it would take surgery to remove my stomach, as she can tell my muscles in my tum are as tight as they are gonna get!! It comes from Cycling Lying Down!!

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