Thursday, 24 January 2013

Millhouses Park

Eh, it's about as far as I get, and by ek! I'm out of practice, what with the snow etc, I've not Cycled since Friday. And to be honest it was a bit scarey, there seemed to be more traffic on the roads? I presumed because of the cold. And what a pain, there are a set of traffic lights up, on Abbeydale Rd South, which reduce the road to a single carriageway, for about 200 yards. And unless I'm at the lights when they change to green? It doesn't give me an abundance of time, before I see big Juganaught lorries heading towards me - whose pedalling franticly to reach the other set, of lights.

I spoke to Steve M which I aint done for a month, I do find 'the blame' culture to be a right pain??? Lil old me as a volunteer? has to work with 2 other members of paid staff?? How ridiculous ??? And it is the same for all volunteers male or female. And do you know how crap that makes me feel? To not be trusted, or valued as an honest individual?? But that's just it, everyone has to be treated the same!!!

He spoke excitedly abot March  the 7th which is the Thursday Cycling 4 All, will begin at Hillsborough. And we will have to start charging, so I reckon £5 gets you either a morning 10-1 Cycling round the park, wi me, tea and coffee, and s'where to eat you're lunch. Or from 12-3 where you get a drink when you arrive eat your lunch maybe?? and then a Cycle round the park. I'm not sure how that will work, we will keep it flexible though, I supposed it's all very new, and kind of goes against the grain. But????

Nick Clegg??? We're having a  bit of a shin dig at Endcliffe Park on  the 22nd of March hopefully. When Nick and I and the Paperazzi, will go cycling on the side by side.

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