Sunday, 27 January 2013

I could have so done it!!

I cycled to the bus stop today, and I was so happy that the roads, were grey again instead of white. And the grass verges, blissfully green. The snow had all gone!!

I looked at the distance from the Sheffield train station, and as I would be allowed to cycle on the Pavement? I could have very easiky gone to Redvers House last week!!! Barrrr Hum bugs!!!


  1. So where is Redvers House then - on the way between Dore and Sheffield?

    Its actually a surprisingly short trip and 'landmarks like Tesco, Beauchief lights, and Dore Station seem to arrive in no time when I ride out

  2. Redvers House is in the centre of t
    town, probably about 3 quarter mile, uphill from the station, across Arundal gate.