Monday, 1 June 2009

Out of the blue, Steve phoned me. 'What you doing in half an hour,' he asked, 'I wanna come and check you out!!' Luckily, I was just in until the kids finished school. He came to my house, I explained that I wanted to be able to get to school on a trike.

'Have you tried one' he asked, urmmmmm No, was the fact. He then followed me up the hill to school, me on my mobility scooter, him on his push bike. I hope I don't look like the normal 'chick' you'd see on a scooter, ie I am below the age of 60, non blue hair.

He asked me to come to Endcliffe Park the following day, with a packed lunch. And he would take a trike there for me to try. Oooooooooh how scarey!!! I didn't sleep a wink all night, I was so excited.

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