Monday, 29 June 2015


And no I don't mean Sheffields very own music festival. I mean the 'Wanna be' razor slits in my eyebrows that I so wish were razor slits!! But are in fact another side effect to Chemotherapy. I looked down at my mobile phone today, and it was covered in eyelashes and brow hairs. :( pubes first, facial hair second!! JOKE I've never had facial hair. Not that theres anything wrong with facial hair on men or women, HELP me please, i'm trying not to be offensive!!

I can't even be trusted realistically to put falsies on safely, and not appear like I'm being infested by stray spiders on my cheeks! Ooops i nearly said hair, forgot I haven't got any!!

I'm trying not to alter my routine too much, I'm still cycling in the morning, but basically it's because it's easier than walking!

I'm quite interested in the Greenspeed Magnum :) mmmmm £4700

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  1. it is nice that you didn't change your habits too much and cycling is one of the best exercises for health, truly speaking. anyway, thanks for sharing your story. Have a nice weekend!