Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hickman Line? - I've just realised, my friends called Kevin Hickman....:D

I am so knackered, after spending 6 hours walking round Western Park Hospital today.

I feel like rejoicing because I actually asked about the Hickman Line as an alternative, to potentially disabling my strong arm? Why didn't they just miss out the lymph nodes all together and thrust the line into one of my main arteries in my chest? One of the consultants replied when I asked why it wasn't a first choice 'It's a bit of a faff'. For Who? was my reply :) Because I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but obviously I'd rather have the procedure that runs no risk to me losing my functions in my right arm!  especially as it is my non affected side.

After been educated by my taxi driver, on the way to hospital this morning :) Who's Wife had now been clear of Cancer for 10 years!! The Pic Line Nurse, began educating me for real, and telling me the whys and wont's, of Picc Line versus Hickman Line. I concluded that it was a no brainer, but was immediately worried that I'd put people out etc!! Liz came for lunch before leaving at 12.15. My next appointment was with the Oncologist, I met with Sue and Amanda, Who took notes for me. I've been prescribed Steroids wich I needv to take the day before chemo and during and after- yummy I can't wait for those then!!

Oh I forgot to say? What a fab woman Chris is in the library, with the Bandanas. Of which I bought a ready made one with a tie bit that flows over my shoulder, like pretend hair!! I am sad I know, but I can dream of having luscious locks again?? Well I got one from her, and the lovely nurse I met when trying to organise a Hickman Line for tomorrow? Well she gave me 3 more!! So Liz if your still wanting to borrow one for Glastonbury ?? Although I'm not sure that they look very nice when you've got real hair!!

Sadly, I AM NOT going to SC4A tomorrow, but I think it's a small sacrifice to pay?

So to my friends at TLAP I will be nearly back to my delightful self, by the Gig in Bournmouth, but you don't know the real me (Cackle!!! Cackle!!!), I will be bald as a Coot!! mind you!! (Coot's ok to say, isn't it? I think it's a big bird???  I've either been incapacitated due to a double fracture, or struck down with Cancer a week, after been discharged from Orthopaedics, but hey ho! I will work out the dates for you tomorrow, if you're still there. And I will send em over the weekend.

The same goes for BIRRP, the Brain Injury Rehab Research Partnership the original Co Producers, before the word was invented. Some time around 2006? Myself and another Survivor, and a Carer, Clinicians and Managers, together we decided on a research question, based on Survivors comments, And the 2 Survivors ask, fellow Survivors their thoughts. at abig reunion of folk who'd passed through the Rehabilitation process of SCBIRT. 

But my Basic Routine is : Pre Chemo checks on a Friday, Steroids, anti biotics (I have argued about the AB!!! but they said I must in their considerable experience take a small dose during and just after chemo           :( How crap is that though!!!  Amd on the Monday, go and be hooked up to Drips feeding 'Mustard Gas' into my vein. Mustard Gas? How do you think they stumbled on that being a cure? Apparently I spend the first week, head in a bucket whilst straining, 9on the closy!!!

I'm so sorry this isn't funny, but I'm very tired.

Oh and sorry Jill I won't be there tomorrow, but will be there onn the 18th, but some of us will not come down to the MUGA until 12? because of the Monthly SC4A meet, at the Arena.

Night, Night


  1. Just waiting for your your write up of the hilarious goings on today in the chemo ward... do you swallow then? Poor young nurse (m) just 'cos he got the script a bit wrong.

    Then you can tell us where you are keeping your Hickman. Blue doesn't suit you anyway (Picc Line)

  2. Sorry, to keep you all!! I have written my Chemo experience. But I've lost it s'where.