Monday, 20 April 2015

I am coming back honest!!!!

Technological problems are rife, with me at the moment. But in the great scheme of things, real life has taught me, that they don't really matter. And I don't mean that to sound all sad, the opposite in fact.

I will catch you regularly if you are reading this :)


  1. *waves*

    Two posts in two days? Positively prolific!

    1. Aww I wish you were coming up for S4C, you could have joined SC4A, from Hillsborough. And then popped into see me, in hospital. Fingers crossed I will be coming home later tht day though.

  2. Who put a pea in the princess's bed? That's her up and irritable again.

    Was in Sheffield on 16th but seeing a man about a tram and then jumping on 10.47 to York.

    Might have a similar trip on 29th and aim for Harrogate for the overnight stop rather than Derby, or Sheffield (need to be in York by 10.00 on Thursday).

    That said Sheffield is an option to visit in the evening....

    NB York is the Women & Cycling conference should you be tempted.

  3. Yeah Dave that would be great to see you. I might be irritable and sleepy still!! I'm not good with anaesthetic I did actually invite a friend from London, but I aint heard from him for 3 weeks, so I think it will be fine..