Wednesday, 22 April 2015

It's Me!!!

Can you see the resemblance? Apart from the very obvious bottom heavy one!!!
I just keep falling, I'm not really aware of going dizzy as such, but my balance is totally 'shot to bits'
I phoned the Cancer nurse today, and had a long chat, about it because I am concerned, that this was exactly what happened with my Dad. Who died at the age of 80, of Liver Cancer. Which is pretty good going, as he too had Brain Damage, sustained by a Traumatic Brain Injury. And if you have sustained a brain injury, your life expectancy is reduced, by 12 years on average. Apart from my Dad not having Breast Cancer! (which isn't as strange as it sounds) My Dad and I have an uncannily similar medical history.
On Monday, I kind of fell forwards for no reason, and landed on my Gorgeous Trike, it's when I feel safest is when I'm grounded on my trike. But getting on and off is a different matter. Ziggy (my trike) is really low to the ground, and it's definitely down to skill and practise and not stomach muscles that makes me just find it a doddle normally, despite my disability.
Let me tell you what happened yesterday, to enthuse all my cycling buddies. 
Firstly, I don't very often know what day, it is at the moment. I hate feeling like this it's doing my cake hole in, and really worrying me, I usually have to be organised, with my life. After waiting in all day for a Washing Machine repair man, I rang them angrily at 4.30, wondering if he was coming? ' Yes Madam, he'll be with you tomorrow, as planned' :D What an arse!!!! I am getting to the point honestly!! Anyway, I had to dash to the co-op on Ziggy, and because I haven't got my pedal assist fitted anymore, I really go slowly up the hill. Good job too because as I got to the top, the rear of my trike, began to move sidewards, and back again. A very strange sensation. So I pulled in and parked up, only to discover, my back wheel was loose!!! (I might usually say it had come off) but I am prone to exag
gerate. So I searched my girly hand bag, and found a spanner set!!! and fixed it!!!! all by myself!!!! I'm mighty proud. Although I will get it checked over tomorrow, at Sheffield Cycling 4 All, at Hillsborough Park between 10-3. :)
Hey I'm right pleased to read, that SC4A are taking part in the Space 4 Cycling on Saturday the 25th, in Sheffield. I'm not able to go I will be recovering from my Operation in Hospital. If any cyclists can help out by escorting the Side by Side Tandam, into town from Hillsborough Park, can you meet at Hillsborough Park, at 9.15 am please. And check our new website out at designed by our newest committee member Stuart Ritson.

I've just thought this isn't me at all, cos Mr Wobbly CAN'T fall down!!!

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