Sunday, 26 April 2015

What A Day -

Space4Cycling Sheffield's photo.

It looked like great fun, for 1000 people, really proving that in Sheffield really is 4 All :)

Thanks to Stuart Ritson, who managed to pull off, what I have done before but with a harder Cycle - see top picture to0 raise publicity for SC4A. I aint really communicated, with folk, because I'm pretty self o0bsessed at the moment. And that's why Saturday was a pretty major day for me, because I was discharged from hospital, after just one night. Having undergone a Lumpectomy, on my Right Tit!!! or Breast, if Im being proper.

I woke up from the General Anaesthetic, immediately looked down at my chest. And well Ive still got a cleavage! So there is hope, although I have big thick wads of dressing filling out the divet that's there(apparently)

I had to smile at the young nurse, who admitted me to the ward, bless her she can't have been older than 25. She saw me and quickly took my bed, rammed it up to the wall, and plug sockets, and lowering my back rest, screaming her eyes blown, her left eye!! I felt like going along with it for a while, but the thought of electric pads, made me say 'Hey' I'm ok honest!! But even when I said that I was ok, she said 'Yes but you don't know what'sw happened to your eye' 'Urrrrr, I think I do I replied' :D

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