Thursday, 30 April 2015

:0( I din't go to SC4A!!!

I woke this morning, with an hour and a half to go, before My lift collected me. And fair enough my lift was from Rocky who occasionally supports my friend Dave the lovely Dave :) At Cycling with Confidence (All the different cycling groups have new names :) but they all do the same) Anyway Rocky, would normally cycle to Hillsborough, but hearing of my plight, offered to take me s'times. Which was so very kind of him. Anyway with sore 'Tits' 'Breasts' 'Boobs'??? Mmmmm, what shall I call em today? I quite like 'Lovely Jubbilies' but I think it's a Tit day!!! But I was feeling sorry for myself, and sore, unattractive, and a bit 'Vinegar Tits!!'

So, I didn't go to Hillsborough today, an no one from SC4A, missed me, they coped!!!

Hi Kevin, will you do me a guest blog, about Disability Cycling in Germany please?? :)


  1. we missed you terribly, and your bike was missed too...

    was pretty chilly in the wind tho, you wouldn't have liked it much. looking forward to seeing you soon love xxg

  2. Hello :), who are you then......:0)
    That was a lovely thing to say, thank you x