Friday, 1 May 2015

I missed yesterday :( At Sheffield Cycling 4 All

And I didn't feel any better, for taking it easy. So I went for a gentle cycle this morning....steady...on, it was only about half a mile!! That's about as  far as I can get before I have to put in any effort, with a hill.

On closer inspection, (I have difficulty because I can't look down) I have so many attractive features!!!!My bicep is ok, the nearer the elbow you get.  But my shoulder is mushy to touch :( It could vaguely get away with been normal. But I know it's not normal for me!! I am usually very muscly, because my right side is my NORMAL!! side. (No part of me is normal, never has been and certainly never will be) But I have 4 wounds where my Lymph nodes were removed, and I removed the dressings as instructed, by the hospital, and it was so very painful, closer inspection today confirmed that I had an allergic reaction, to the surgical tape (nice :)) And when I pulled the tape off, I pulled the skin off the blisters!!! It's been left to scab and f#**** itch!!10pc 1.25cm*5m pe steel tape surgical pe adhesive tape PE protective film tape medical perforated breathable medical pe tape

I wish it was easier for me to cycle :(

I have booked  Community Transport, to pick me up at the Hospital, after My Appointment, when I get my Cancer Results on the 7th. I have missed people from Hillsborough too much, to miss it again.

Ahhh Marjorie called today, bless her to say that she had missed me, and to see hw I was.

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