Saturday, 23 May 2015

The Neccersaries and unneccersaries? :)

The post I have been waiting for arrived today, I was quite .....I am quite excited?? Nervous?? But the date arrived for the beginning of my Chemotherapy treatment. And I kind of think the sooner it starts, the sooner it's finished.

I have actually got The Magic Rounder -bout music going round in my head, as I rush from each activity, to new experience which undoubtedly will make me vomit :(

Just let me say this super quick, I think I'm off to London on the 8th, for an NCAG meet, and I think it's to identify folk who are interested in publicity, and networking. Just the sort of stuff I love, but I am not very technical so ?? And the best bit, is that my friend Kev Hickman, is going to meet me at St Pancras, for lunch??? No Pressure now Kev :) Oh and West Country Recunbent are absolute stars, I must get my battery for my Pedal Assist fixed, I have made the first teetering steps into doing just that. And I could so rant about s'thing the CTC have done, or not done!! But another time.

I've just reread that, and it's a bit like word association  :) But only I know the association!!!

But the thing I'm dreading more than the Chemo is happening on the 10th, it is my PICC line, which I know is better than the prospect of my veins collapsing all the time, and no it really does happen to me a lot honestly.. I'm not just being my usual over dramatic self.  Anyway, it looks terrifying on the Informative very scary leaflet that I have been sent. It does advise, that I bring someone who doesn't mind having their hand held, and crushed. Why can't I have sexy attractive strong veins, that would take on a bullet, not shy away from and collapse at a pin prick!!

I am assured I can cycle, skydive, trampoline and wear a tampon, whilst wearing a flowing white dress and a PICC line!!! So I intend to go to Sheffield Cycling 4 All, on Thursday the 9th.

I feel there ought to be a drum role, Friday the 10th I have my first Chemo session.

Lorraine bought me some Adult Zen colouring books, and some cool coloured pencils. And the amount of times I've had to stop my children aged 16 and 12 from stealing them is untrue!! So I'm really looking forward, to having a bash, at those.

Bye for Now......xx

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