Wednesday, 6 May 2015

'Titless Wonder' becomes 44 G overnight!!!

I actually had not a bed nights sleep, all things considered. But when I awoke, My Right tit, was bursting, and hard and painful, and I was still frozen so I rang the breast clinic, and my gps for some antibiotics. (how many buttons must you press to speak to a real live person!!The bouncer woman receptionist, said 'Oh No love, What's a lumpectomy?'

 Urrrgh. Kath my Cancer Nurse called. And suggested I call (another phone call) the district nurses, to come out and visit.

Meanwhile Steve Marsden was cutting grass, fixing doors, and putting the shower curtain up. I love wasting his time :) and was enjoying Morning Tea, with him.

Foul smells kept drifting, and I naturally blamed the dog. And we laughed at how much dogs trumps smell!!! Then to my absolute horror, I looked down, and it was as if one side of me was entering a 'Wet T Shirt competition!! Steve bless him, had to confirm that, yes indeed, it was my right breast!! The wound had split open, due to the swelling. (He will be having nightmares forever) He waited till the district nurses were on their way, and excused hiself (was probably chucking his guts up) Nurse came and Milked my udder, except it certainly wasn't white and milky, More yellow, and very stinky and ran like a torrent out of the side of my booby.

I really have no shame :)

Despite this I needed some shopping and a shot of my medicine that never fails. Cycling :) So I cycled with Holly dog, to the local Tesco, and Steve collected me, shopping, and trike.

I am going to SC4A tomorrow, after I've been to the hospital, I'm using hospital transport, Sue my sister in Law is coming too. And Community transport, from Hospital to Hillsborough and home. I will find out if (probably), my Chemo starts and if it's spread to my Lymph Nodes, and I need another operation. Talking of which, I can usually pull my heavy self, into Steve's car... and I couldn't today. :(