Sunday, 31 May 2015


I cycled my trike to the forest, as normal today. Only, I thought I better be quick because the delightful new bush cutter was coming!! She's called Julie, a different one to Julie Andrews, who some of you have heard of.

I was just in the meadow bit, so I extended the lead, and Holly skipped round, tangling the lead, and I don't know how but so tightly, it had got under the mud guard, and even trapping the tyre in 2 halves....I can't explain!! I'm just not articulate enough!!But the wheel was jammed, the lead was jammed. So I had to be a boy scout and take my hand bag off (I don't know how many scouts have hand bags!) aqnd tie it to Hollys collar. And lift the stationary wheel in the air and pull Ziggy, back to my house. Now I was nearly crying, I had passed several folk. Non of who offered to help, my new moby screen is a nightmare, because I cant use it outside, because I can't see the screen. Then I spotted Finn, my little darling, rushing out in his socks to see if he could help. But he didn't half give me abuse when he reached me, and saw what the problem was. Any way I was very childish and through the bike pump at his feet!! And stormed off whoops!!! I can't fall out with my friend and Ali, so I apologised straight away. And he won't forgive me :(

I've spoken to Rocky, whose a lot cheaper than Steve, and asked him to come and help me, I have tried really hard, sooo hard, I wanted to cry :(

On a brighter note, my lady garden, the grassy one with privit? Is looking much better :)