Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Sorry about that folks!! i am back

Technology used to really bother me, and the fact that i am easily confused :) But hey it gets done eventually. When lovely Jon Frost, and his wee irish elf :) I say elf, in  the fondest of ways, he's like the courier, for broken computers. And delivers them back at the end of the day, all fixed  and fabulous, like magic. I always have a wee chat with him, and of course he asked, how I was :(and I started to cry :(, I've hardily slept all night, I nearly fell downstairs at 3, because in my haste to have an argument with  the bathroom door, I lurched for the hand rail, missing it!! So I should have fallen downstairs??? But my bonkers brain, saw pictures of blue flashing lights all inside my skull of course. And I thru my body into the bathroom, saving myself from DEATH!! Ok, Ok, maybe not.

I haven't cycled for 2 days!!! It's not heard of !!

And possibly why I am tearful, easily remedied? Not when 'your in the Zone'

I feel like, I've got a temperature, and I'm freezing my Paps off!!! literally drinking every water based drink in the house (which makes me wee all night) My beautiful nipples :) sorry to give you this image. Are hurting because my nips are going erect because of the cold. Which is excruciating!!! and the reason why I don't want to go outside.

Did you see my Heroin? last night in the C word?? Lisa Lynch, I started following her blog, about 5 years ago. I cant recall the name of the actress, who played Lisa? She did a fab performance though. I want to keep being me, all the way through my treatment. :) I want to Live with Cancer, not thinking that I'm raging some war, all the time. I'n not a nasty person, I don't do 'Battling'


  1. Good to see you back but sad to learn all the hudles you gone through. Good thing is you made out of it and back with bang. Thank you for sharing it with us

  2. I wasn't around for a while as well, mean I haven't lost any post :) like always you impressed me again with your writing. Thank you for sharing such good post here