Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Walk In The Park!! :)

I know everyone's just presumed that my leg is back to normal, after sustaining a horrible double fracture last year, sorry to go on about it all the time :)Chris Baddog Borham's photo. But I walked the furthest, I have since that day today. With Becky Virgo, and her children, and Holly dog. As well as doing my usual cycle in the meadow, and to the shops :) But I had an insy fall last week, that I aint mentioned? But I believe I cracked a rib? So I think I did well, steady on, don't all agree at once. With Well done Caroline!!!
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Look at Holly dogs very grey face.

I read with interest that Sheffield Council, has got ££££s towards the integration of Health and Social Care???

I also hear from my good friend within Health Watch, that Basically folk with Brain Damage of varying causes, are invited to work with Paces in Sheffield, on a brighter future??? and the next Paragraph, was about Breast Cancer Champions??

I'm going to Sheffield Cycling 4 All tomorrow, with Rocky, and I will have to come back with Rocky, at 1.00 because Community Transport let me down AGAIN. I could hang on for a paid lift at 3.00 but, I don't think I've got enough stamina. But it means I will miss the big group, Friends Together, who are such happy guys. They make me smile.

See you tomorrow if you're going :)

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