Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My Paps!!!!

As I sat there in the consultation, with my sister in law, Sue, and my Paps out it was decided that I have no infection. I also have no shame!!! with Nurses rushing around, bolting doors, and drawing screens more closed, just in case someone was to enter the room without knocking!! Heaven Forbid!!

Anyway because my wound infection, has cleared up beautifully, I think I deposited all the yukky smelly stuff at Steve Marsdens feet, last week!!It was decided that, I can start my Chemotherapy as soon as....and for those of you in the know?? about this type of thing. The anti cancer treatment isCyclophosphamicle andDocetckoi or 01????

My brother and Sue, whose been with me today :) Have spoilt me, they bought me a new hanging basket. A proper bathroom door, and are looking at some super cool bedroom curtains.

If anyone knows owt about the treatment I'm having??Will they tell me? I'm going to google it, it's probably a mistake, ignorance is bliss type of thing.

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