Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Eeeeeek, The Dates!!!

I received my appointment, with Mr Winters? the Oncologist today, it is Tuesday the 19th. Apparently, it's a 'Getting to know you' type of session. I am grateful, for it being so quick. Sue my sister in laws, meeting me there. Which is good, because my memory fails me a lot :) I was given the option, of having it taped. Do they actually mean taped?? I don't know anyone who owns a tape recorder???

I need to price up my cancer shopping list!!!! and see what I might be able to claim for.

I'm using my spare dressing in the morning, to get squeaky clean, so I can thrust my nubile Tits in my Drs little hands!!And Thank you Brigitte, for the observation, about size been relative!! x

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