Friday, 15 May 2015

I dribbled, and snotted everywhere and everytime!!!

I haven't been terribley pro active, this week, did you notice? But I did go to C4A on Thursday, well I kind of slimed my way there in Steve Ms van, with Ziggy in the back.  Had a quick Cycle round the Park a few times, with the lovely Marj and Barry. And sought solace in the kitchen area, with Lovely Dave and Rocky.

It was blinking cold though!!! Steve and James, took it in turns to come and get a warm. I think we were a bit down on Punters too. But hopefully we have been subsidising the open sessions with a couple of Closed Sessions, where groups either pay £75. for half a day or £150 for 6hrs. For that they get a trasined W4A instructer, an assistant, and 12 bikes!! Bargain.

Ahh bless, you know the 100 year old woman, who lived in a shoe? I don't actually think she lived in a shoe,  it just Rhymed!!! She received 4 million Birthday Cards!!!

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