Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I spy Little Hands

I'm so chilled, is it normal? Or is it called 'Bone Idle'? After waiting 1 hour, for a 2.00 Oclock appointment, I was ushered up the progression ladder, how exciting I could now sit on the corridor!!! Outside the nurse that I was waiting to see. Then I spotted, a trolley, followed by a pair of tiny hands, coming out the open door. It was my surgeon, he passed comment about me taking 4000mg of penicillin per day!!As he passed!! Yep....I wasn't likely to forget that. I finish tonight.

I think my AB have stopped my 'Summer Cold', becoming anything more sinister. But my nose is like a tap!!! I feel like an elderly woman, whose got a permanent drip on the end of her nose.

The lovely Anj, had taken me, after we'd enjoyed lunch in MP Millhouses Park. She offered to collect me, but I can't put anyone through the ordeal, of sitting in traffic. For me.

I am a bit knackered, so I will go to SC4A to wake myself up and feel alive again. Steve M is taking me, and trimming me bush after!!

Am I mother Theresa? I sent a birthday card to a lady today who is celebrating her 100 birthday, and she has no family, or friends :( Well incredibly! It was the care agency, who work with her that put out an appeal on FaceBook, and Radio Sheffield.

How lovely I'd love to see her face when she receives them all. :)

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