Friday, 22 May 2015

Going, going, nearly gone!!!

Caroline Waugh and bird of paradise - which is which?

My smile probably doesn't fool anyone??? I am petrified, of the coming months. But not as frightened as I'd be if I wasn't suitable for Chemotherapy.
My morning began with a Cycle to the local Meadow, with Holly dog, poor thing she's not keen on Thursdays. Not that she's intelligent enough to know!! That she will be locked in her crate until lunchtime!! She just happily skips along, next to my trike. She's got used to it, but it's difficult for most dogs, because I don't actually go that fast, and whippets can't trot!!
Steve picked me up, with my trike ...Ziggy. in his van, and off we went to Cycling 4 Alls meeting. Where I am Joint Chair. I know we wouldn't have survived as a group, if it wasn't for everyone's continued work, we make a good committed team, who are so passionate about the adapted cycles. And what a difference they make, to peoples lives. Anyway, enough rambling I'm sure you've heard it all before, gi me my soap box!!!
It is extremely quiet at the moment, between 10 and 12, so any punters reading??? Please come then :) But come 1.30, all 16 cycles were in use, by a group of regular Punters from Friends Together, who are brilliant. They are so happy and enthusiastic, the staff share that enthusiasm. And it really shows :)
We also have the People who come, with their own Family and Carers like the Lovely Pat, who to be honest it's hard to tell, what she's thinking. Unless you know her well, and I am lucky enough to know have known her Carer since I was 18, and first worked at the main Psychiatric hospital, in Sheffield, which sadly?? has long gone and is now a new housing estate

I was delighted, to meet some new fascinating people yesterday, who came to look at Sheffield Cycling 4 All. One particular young lady, so reminded me of me!!! She had had, a Traumatic Brain Injury, and communicated only with a beautiful smile, and thumbs up and down for yes and no!! I told her, I was the same once! and I think she took some comfort out of this. Because Although, I will never get back to how I once was, when I was young, very fit, but actually smoked like a chimney!! I am happier, and more independent, since my brain injury, recent fractured limbs. and cancer, than I was before. Maybe it's because of my beautiful kids?? or being happy with my own company sometimes, and not constantly searching for a partner, I'm just enjoying my life how it is and I take on the challenges life throws in, but not to do battle with them. But to live with them, and embrace the changes and different experiences.

Wow, this is a deep and heavy one!!!

Sorry, if I missed out anything., or anyone :)

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