Thursday, 28 May 2015

Old...:) as in Usuals!! and some Newbies

Fantastic, a new chap came this morning at 9. We never get folk at 9, so he was very welcome, and had Steve and 3 volunteers fussing around collecting money, asking questions. It was great I could feel his excitement as he decided on a bike :) Richard and his carer, were off round the park, after displaying sense and control. They were very happy. Next a Family of 4 arrived, the Mum Debbie was lovely, she said '' Oh your hair looks lovely, since you've had it cut' I asked if we'd met? Oh no but I've seen you here with the bikes a lot! said the Mum who was the lovely and called Debbie. Now I cant remember the name of the little boy other than to say I want to call him Bob!!! because that's what he did constantly whilst on the Side by Side hand crank with James. And according to his Mum and Dad that's what he does when he's happy :) James will be like Popeye!!! Because he really didn't want to stiop. His Sister had the wheel chair Hand Cycle, and she did really well, just needing an occasional push.

It was so good seeing 3 new faces, who were all young and enthusiastic. And would have possibly cycled all day. We could do with some more bikes, Steve comented. HYey that would be fab, if we ever got to that stage!!

Ahhhhh, meanwhile in the Kitchen area, my heart broke a little :( The Beautiful Dave (provider of food and drink) xxxx and his little Harem of adoring women.....and Roy!!! This woman, came rushing back in the door holding very delicately a speckled baby Thrush (not a Veneral disease!!) with it's head tilting and it's eyes closing.... and then they closed, and death took the bird. Actually Dave did!! And placed it under the hedge :( But the woman, told of how she'd rescued the bird from a group of Magpies, who were pecking it , poor thing.

I cycled back down, to see folk before I had to leave with Rocky, and saw the lovely Pat, Charlotte and Jim. Immediately Pat saw me her arm shot up, I guessed she was pleased. Hi Jim, and Charlotte I will see you next week.

I missed Marjorie, Barry, Jill and Friends Together. Sorry folks.xxxx

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