Monday, 18 May 2015

The Luxury of Counselling!!

I attended my first session of counselling today. The Counselling, that was supposed to help, with my broken Tibia and Fibula15months ago. And the fear, and hatred I have of Organisations, like Seva Care, who profit out of peoples misery. I am very relieved to learn, that Seva Care didn't get Sheffield Councils care contract. Perhaps they declared Bankruptcy? and emerged as another name??

Anyway my Counsellor was called Carol, she was nice, but to be fair she didn't say a lot. But I know that's a skill? That I don't possess many might say!!! She thought, I had a very positive attitude, which was the right way to deal with the difficulties, I was to face.

Anyway, I've got a hospital visit tomorrow at the Big C hosp!! to see the big C man!!!about my treatment programme, I'm hoping, he will suggest Chemo, because that improves my chances of survival. And I want to live.

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