Friday, 8 May 2015

Bring It On!!!

It's me, showing off my best attributes!!! I'll let you decide!!! (the tops of my shoes were polished) and I feel good, about the oncoming Chemo?

Gill Price's photo.Photo by Gill Price :)

I am eternally grateful, to my breast man with the little hands, and Kath my Cancer Nurse. And I know they're not directly involved with cutting services, and where money goes.  But I had to let it be known, that I was in a terrible state, which could have been so easily prevented. Instead yesterday, they were talking of admitting me to hospital, there an then. Wiring me up to a drip of  Anti Biotics over the weekend, costing the NHS £1000s, in extra care!!. So anyway after I'd 'Vented my spleen' (in my dreams, that was removed in my original medical calamity!!) He continued to try and squeeze my 'Right Tit' that isn't very right!!! I calmly said ' Oooh You'll not get very much out, I've milked that udder this morning!!!':D I was ignored!! :D But he did comment on how clean and cared for it was, considering I had gone in there with a Sanitary Towel strapped to it, with Micropore, I took this as a compliment. Whatever anyway, it probably saved me from spending time in hospital.

The Very good news is, that my Cancer hasn't spread. He removed it all :)...leaving only a 5% chance of it ever coming back. But if (yes please) I am suitable for Chemotherapy, 5% goes down to 0% chance of it's return.

I'm taking 4000!!!!! mg of Flufloxacillin per day by tablet.

And If you see me smiling it's because I've got a Pad cupping my Right Tit, with tube that connects to a battery in my pocket, that intermittently gives it a squeeze!!!

Thanks to so many folk for yesterday, Sue for coming with me, laundering my Sodden, smelly sweat shirt,  bringing me back down, to earth with questions like, should Caroline be Cycling?? :) ...drinking? Which I haven't done since surgery incidentally, drinking that is. And beautifully delivering me to SC4A, after my appointment. And Gill for 'Get this, it's amazing!!! ' Cutting her hair, in preparation, for the shave off!! Marjorie and Barry, for bringing my favourite Yougart Raisins :) Dave, for being Dave and getting my lunch again. Steve, James, Sue, Simone, My friends from Friends Together, Charlotte Jim and Pat, Oh and Ian and Dan. And anyone else who shared my experience yesterday.  I do love you all, you keep me alive!!!


  1. That certainly sounds interesting. A battery boob-squeezer. Presumably you'll be doing a product review on this. Perhaps Ann Summers will start stocking them.

    Did you say you are having a haircut? You know that you can donate hair to people making wigs for those who lose their hair...

  2. I will look, into donating my hair, I had heard you could. Mot sure if mine is in good enouh condition though.

    I've got the community nurses coming again!! because it's itching so much it hurts!!! :(