Monday, 25 May 2015

:) Friendly Me

I forgot to mention, many things yesterday. One of the things, was to folk, who know me am I soooo transparent? I was just getting Ziggy out of her Cave, (purpose built bike shed, under my porch). I'd tied Holly dog up, because she's not good :( And this woman, walked past my drive, stopped , and started talking about Holly dog. Saying how beautiful she was???? errrrm, not really I thought! Bless her, she's got qualities, but beauty isn't one of them :) I told her how we were off for a cycle in the meadow, and smiled. To which she responded with, 'My names Zoe, and I've got Breast Cancer,' and heavily drawing on a freshly lit cigarette. Oh....ok, I replied and thought do I tell her, about me? Hey since when have I been able to hold back? But I waited a bit, bless her, she knew nobody in Sheffield. But after her diagnosis, she had thought it sensible to move from Wales to Totley Sheffield, where her Sister lived. Wow!! I'm very lucky to know so many folk, and be helped and supported.

I have taken the first steps, in the Saga (I hope not) of getting my Pedal Assist repaired. West Country Recumbent have been lovely and helpful. My plan is hopefully, to send my battery and charger, back to York. Fingers crossed they will be able to repair it. Return it, I'm hoping it's cheapish, I told them my circumstances, because it's really hard explaining why it's really, really important. Without giving a clear picture. And hopefully, they
will send it back repaired, so that Steve Marsden, can fix it back to the Boom, which is a different one, to the one that has my Slumph drive on. Hey do I sound impressive?? Nah, I thought not :) I can't fool many folk, into thinking, I know the mechanics of a greenspeed trike.

I also went to the Moorlands, via car, for tea yesterday with my good friend Kathryn. We don't half put the world to rights.

Oh yeah a big THANK YOU to Mcmillan Cancer, for their generous cheque, towards the additional costs, like a body pillow and a digital thermometer.  They look so comfortable the pillows, but how creepy is this!!! I'm not getting one of these sort.

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