Saturday, 28 November 2009

I can conquer the world at the moment, (except if it was to just push my left shoulder :D) I left my son standing as I zoomed off on Jez, moving along with the cars instead of wavering in the gutter, almost apologetically, like I used to when I was on Gretel.

The only hitch came when I had to pull up at an uphill junction, doa!! I forgot to stop in a low gear. So when all the traffic moved, I'm afraid I didn't until in stepped my 7 year old, to gi' me a big push, bless him.

I anchored Jez, caught the bus into town, collecting her at the shops on my return. It was, brilliant, she is so fast. Hey do you know, my head lamp had broken into a billion bits again. I knew I'd need lights for riding Jez back, and the easiest thing to do was get some pretty red fairy lights, you know that run off batteries? We got home and everyone wanted fish and chips, what a shame ;) I'd have to go out on Jez again :)

One thing I'm struggling to understand, is because I find it so easy in comparison to Gretel, is it doing any good? You know what they say? No pain, no gain!!


  1. Ha - you can't have it both ways! If Jez makes things too easy you'll just have to do more!
    Glad things are working out better this week!

  2. Just means you can go further :o)