Friday, 27 November 2009

(Photo shows Fred from Pedal Ready with Jezz and me at Hillsborough)

Woke up this morning, and felt great, I had a super cool cycle. No longer a prisoner of the 4 walls, West Country Recumbents emailed with advice, which was very nice. But I do get a tad tearful, when I think of who has made the difference to my life. I couldn't have done this on my own, no matter how determined I was, (and apparently I can be,) but what's the alternative to being determined???? I don't know anyone who'd be the alternative, do you?????

I have to get 'approval' even if it is for being a bit different. But without anyone to help me untangle the bikes, and nursing a poorly shoulder, I sulked a bit. But when my welfare worker called and asked if I needed him, I seized the moment. I was so excited, because H* has done the 'wheels for all' course, and I know loves recumbent bikes. And although it was a struggle, I am happy to say, it's sorted. He took Jez for a ride, and I felt proud.

Oh wow, I nearly forgot, I received my copy of the CTC 'Cycle' magazine, and there on the letters page, was a letter and an article about my article. It was saying how it made this couple cry a bit. So many folk have said that, and I tried to make it sound positive, because cycling has been a really positive experience for me. I am moved by the response because the story comes straight from my heart, (because I wrote it). I want to do a bit of a follow up article, do you think I should? I'll maybe wait till I get my very own bike.

Btw, my mobys crashed again so if I've been ignoring your texts, I can receive, but I can't give. (that wasn't meant to be rude - I'm so immature sometimes!)

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