Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I'm really sorry :( this isn't going to be my usual happy cheerful entry.), I attempted to take Jezza (the new bike) out 3 times, failing twice. First time was bright and early in the morning, wi my kids, early for the school run. And I couldn't understand why I couldn't get up the hill....doa!! ...it was in 9th gear!!! Which I only found out 20mins later, when out of the blue Steve CTC turned up to bring a rear flag for Jezza.

Steve zoomed up and down the road on her, then he answered his moby. So I seized the moment and took her for a spin up the road. :) I was super happy, I couldn't wait to pick the kids up on Jeza, but at 2.30, I set off wi my mate (who was there for moral support) I got half way up the Rd, and the chains hanging off again I think it won't pedal freely anyway. So I had to walk her back, it was like leading a lame horse back to the stable.

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