Wednesday, 25 November 2009

This morning was spent trying to find someone to put the chain on????? Jeza, Steve (CTC) couldn't come out again, Dave and Fred, from Pedal Ready were both training in schools. I have a couple of contacts who have said Friday, the other Monday. But as always I want it to happen NOW. Because for the first time since June, I wanted my electric scooter back. :(

I need to see folk.

Nearly forgot, I attempted to go to school on Gretel, and it hurt my arm too much, when I pulled back on it as I went up hill. I turned round, upset because I couldn't do it, and there was a replay of what happened a week ago, when I fell. Except, instead of letting myself fall or saving myself with my weaker left leg, I thrusted my pedal down, and rode out of the situation.

I came home, and booked my taxi for tomorrow.

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  1. Hiya,
    It shouldn't be difficult to get the chain back on... Sounds like maybe you need to ask Steve or one of the gang to give you lessons on using derailier gears. They only change when you are pedalling. It sounds like maybe the chain length needs adjusting for the leg length you have it set for too. Give me a call, or ask Steve to do so, and I'll talk you through it.
    I'm around today (Thursday)