Tuesday, 17 November 2009

This is a rare snippet, because I don't feel vulnerable very often, but today I feel shocking. Bearing in mind I only ever used to suffer from epilepsy, when I had a period, and today was such a time, with reduced medication. I really didn't feel well, and commented to my mate. I was sensible and had extra medication, hopefully avoiding a seizure.

I set off early for the school run, and only made it half way, and I had to phone my mate and ask her to pick up the kids, because my legs just were so weak, I'm so tired. I turned round, cycled back, but on turning onto the pavement, Gretel toppled to the left. And my left leg isn't strong enough to support my weight plus a bike. As my face headed for impact I briefly wondered if my helmet was bigger than my nose. Fortunately it was, my friend from 5 doors away rushed out, so did my cleaner. But the impact on my forehead was huge, I dread to think, what could have happened if I hadn't been wearing a helmet.

I now have even more reason to want a recumbent, that was sooooo scary. I think I've been in shock a bit because I'm shivering all the time.

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