Monday, 23 November 2009

I'm soooooo excited!!! I want to, but daren't, go out on the GT3 that I borrowed today from West Country Recumbents (Web: I'll wait until it gets light tomorrow, I'm still in my wet clothes because I've done nowt but talk since I got back.

Steve (CTC) picked me up at 10, we drove straight to Derby and arrived at 11.30. Greeted by the lovely happy, chatty Carol, who owned the small business with her husband, it obviously is much more than a business, it is a hobby that they both get pleasure from.

And to their credit, they obviously get pleasure out of seeing other folk enjoying their bikes. I came home (on loan) with the GT3, and a pair of Carol's cycling shoes (thanks 4 that). I need to know if I can make it up the hill to school, before I buy it.

I really enjoyed today, because I've come home with something different to ride to school. Because 'bless her' but Gretel gives me nightmares a bit, after my fall. And at a push I could take..............Eddy {new name) in a black cab to CFH on Thursday.

And, I finally got to tell Steve of my conversation regarding 'Wheels to Work' and he thought it 'Had Wheels' so to speak!!

Awwwwww I'm happy.

A bit extra......My physio must think I'm a fake because my shoulder is much better as the day goes on. It seems worst when it's been 'holding itself' to stop rolling forwards or back when I am sleeping. But anyway he did various tests that didn't seem to hurt. Poor guy, but he didn't grumble. And charged me a quarter of the price! He's beautiful.....his name Andy Okwera 07901968549 And he even acted interested, in my new bike :D

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