Sunday, 29 November 2009

I either need to smuggle a child (one of my own preferably!) under my jacket, everywhere I go. Or get a handbrake for the bike I keep. I can't imagine what I looked like today trying to walk Jez up past the shop so I could park her on the flat bit. Thing is, I was still seated, with a big f* off recumbent bike in-between my thighs. All I needed was someone to wedge their foot by the back wheel to stop her rolling back as I dismounted. I saw this woman approaching, her gaze was obviously avoiding mine, (perhaps I embarrassed her, because I was obviously struggling?).

I said in a very loud voice, 'I wonder If you could help me please? please say you will' I explained she only needed to put her foot behind the back wheel to stop Jez, rolling back. The woman was delightful, and delighted at the same time. She came up to me in the shop and said, 'Please tell me when your going, so I can make sure you set off ok.' So in a very conceited way, I think I made her feel good, in return, for helping me immensely :)

I came back and had received an email from a Sheffield cyclist, who I must publicly thank, 'thank you'. He thanked me for writing my blog, awww thats so lovely, I love hearing that folk like reading about my sometimes mundane, sometimes amusing (well I find it funny) blog.

I have sent West Country Recumbents a wish list, because one massive advantage of borrowing Jez, is that I can see what I need, in order for it to be a success.

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  1. Can you manage an elastic band? Just pop it around the handlebar and brake lever to hold the brakes on... There should be a couple on Jez already - or perhaps he has velcro ones? There are lock buttons on the brake levers but I find those fiddly so you probably will too...