Friday, 20 November 2009

Today's been horrible, my ribs are just too sore for me to ride to school. Or even go out, I was supposed to be going to the pub later, but I feel all lackadaisical now. And it's only because I ain't cycled for 3 days, so haven't seen my mates :(

This week has made me realise something though, how much my life now depends on cycling. I was always proud of the fact that instead of living to cycle, like a lot of enthusiasts, I cycled in order to live. But this week has made me realise, I NEED to cycle or nowt happens and I become a miserable git.And I've had Gretel for 100 days!!! That means, I got rid of my mobility scooter 3 months ago. WOW!

It's good to be on the bush telegraph (ooooh that could be rude but it ain't meant to be). Another Mum txted to say she'd missed the bus, and could I fetch her wee boy from school, when I fetched mine. Eeeeeek immediately I phoned J* who was collecting my children, and sorted it, or rather J* did. But it's good to be networkin'.

Another example of this is how I read on the Inclusive Cycling Forum, about a place in Cambridge that custom made recumbent cycles. I suggested this to my dear friend Andy (CTC) who was trying so hard to find a guy with a left sided weakness a bike. Anyway, I got a message from both today to say, thanks because they thought they had found one, at the place I'd suggested. I know I've felt crap today, because I ain't been able to go out and spread any positivity, but sometimes I can give out some just by communicating.

:) xxxx

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