Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I'm so knackered, maybe I should calm-----------------------as opposed to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!excitement!!! I'm just a bit hyper at the moment, and my brains just whirrrrring about the possibilities of promoting cycling. I cycled to school at 3, and dearly hoped that I'd bump into Dave (Pedal Ready) and didn't :( . Spoke to a Mum, (she's poorly, and cried when I started being nice, so I felt shit). Another Mum who's in a wheelchair, and is as positive as me about stuff, agreed to having a go on Gretel, if I helped out with a learning to ride session, at the school, with some of my mates. That would be so inclusive if that happened :)

The lovely Dave came to see me to fix Daisy's bike :)

I cycled to the Drs, for a double whammy flu jab, because apparently I'm high risk!!'s all gone black. :D

I also have arranged to wean myself off my anticonvulsants. But she thought it good if I police risky times (eg, when I'm ill, stressed, partying all nite, etc) and keep a few for such times.

I've got Cycle for Health tomorrow, with my lovely Fred.

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