Monday, 14 June 2010

F* up, big time

just go to my new blog I created for todays Fat Lass entry, called 'Cycling with Caroline' bollocks, I was supposed to be starting a more mature factual one about my Thursdays. And instead I tell the world about my periods :D But anyway you get the picture.

Luv ya all, I'm actually very amused. :Dx


  1. Hmmm...
    Now either this could mean YOU F'ed up, or somebody/something else had.
    Either way, just remember that we all screw things up royally every so often.
    You're strong and you'll get through it, whatever it may be!

  2. :D thanks it's only my blog, I'm frantically repairing it.

    thanks tho xxx

  3. Now you've got me confused - I can't see any cracks or broken bits.

    Anyway even when you want to crawl away under a stone you have to remember that sooner of later you'll need to come out from under it again, and the world keeps on turning.