Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hillsbro', Steve and Fred

Ahhh my 2 fave men were there, at the inclusive cycling today :) But the weather was grim, cold and distinctly damp.

And wow, the brain injury survivor had joined the Cycle For Health programme, the same as I had done a year ago. And going by the look on his face, he will stick at it too.

It was really nice overhearing a conversation, between 2 of the cycle trainers, recognising that most individual bookings had occured through my publicity drive. Speaking of which down on the courts, I met a brilliant couple who had read my blog. And come to the park out of curiousity, and need. The Lady had never been able to cycle, before her illness and tragically she had been struck with a debilitating illness, but needed to increase mobility. comes the Fat Lass Who Doesn't Sweat Much :) I asked Fred, if I could take her for a ride round the park. To say she had never cycled before, and had her fair share of reasons not to, she was fantastic. That's why I get out of bed on a well as to get the children ready and off to school.

Steve shouted me over, I like to think I'm his prodogy :D I think it's fair to say, we are both proud of knowing the other. Introducing me to Nicola from the RSPB, and explaining, how Nicola and Fred were hoping to start some Health rides, looking at the wildlife, and getting closer to nature. This was just the sort of cycling I had started to enjoy with Mr P. And did quite miss:( Now I never know, if Steve wants me to dive in and offer help? But I always do and I did!! So Nicola, gi me a shout when you need me

My lil boys school phoned, he wasn't well And could I fetch him??? So back to reality, but I had derived the same feel good factor, I believe some folk get from seeing me cycle.

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