Monday, 7 June 2010

Oooooooooh The Cabinet!!!

I know, the wee story that was handed to The Ministers, doesn't mention the CTC, and it deliberately gives me a false age. (They think I'm becoming too well known,)But I think it does promote cycling as a healthy activity, thats practical, healthy and cheap for folk with disabilities. :) So I'm happy that I 'pimp' myself about a bit. I've also been invited to a healthy food thing on Friday, I asked if I could take Ziggy? and Yes, I can :) And give a Q and A 5mins.

Personal Story A paper that the SDS team were asked to produce, (You know the ones that I work with on a Wednesday?)

Caroline a lady in her late 30’s with a physical disability who lives in Sheffield was also one of the first people to receive a personal budget from the Local Authority. Before receiving her budget she would say life was very difficult. Trying to manage being a mum and adjusting to changing life circumstances. Since receiving her small personal budget she has transformed her life. She used her budget to help her think about how she could become more physically active. She then learnt to cycle again, having mastered this and becoming very positive and enthusiastic about cycling she has become a Health Champion and tours Sheffield's parks with her trike helping people to also learn to cycle. She is now applying to do her City and Guilds course to become a Community Tutor. In addition she is a co-facilitator on the training currently being provided to assessment and care management staff.

I wish I was a better cyclist though sometimes, I mean I do get a lot of attention, for doing very little. Hey I had a race, back up the road wi my wee boy on his BMX today. And yes he beat me, but only just.

I am very happy despite my personal life being a bit lacking at times. Normally, I'd make a witty joke about looking after myself ;) but I'm far too bashful to say that at the mo. xxx


  1. :o) Who said your blog was becoming too safe?

    So, now there are two trikers riding daily and teaching others - you've got a lot going on up there in Sheffield.

  2. Hi Kev, A guy who just tunes in for my very occasional flirty stuff. He's a marathon man, not a cyclist.

    Do you mean that 'lady' in her late 30s? :D

    Are you going to York?

    Thanks for your encouragment x

  3. So you have all the details changed for the Cabinet (sadly not the one that your local MP is part of I think or are you going to prove me wrong?) and just to blow the gaff (or gaffe) (gaff is a sailing rig which can be dropped fast and restored just as quickly and is popular for sailing barges and luggers).

    Good to know you can get the wheels spinning a bit now.

    Is D* doing serious binary maths, and onward to hexadecimal? By my reckoning you are still in your 20's counting to Base 16, and since we are dealing with computing here that is entirely appropriate, so here's a happy greeting from a 39 year old soon to turn 3A - and hoping you can cope with being 2B years old pushing 2C.

    I've a fine tale with the dog - left it in the supermarket in the basket, and the guy at the checkout takes it out of the basket - then phone is used to send texts to a girl who then calls back (by which time the phone is switched out and calls diverted to my land line) This guy has same first name - so I answer rather puzzled - just as she is. We work out that the texts were sent to her by ... the guy who works in the supermarket, and he's left a nice trail of texts to the girl, plus using rabbit chatline and sending pictures to rabbit - apparently. All nicely recorded on the online account - which is set-up to log copies of text messages and all calls & texts made from the phone!

    The other handy thing that's also helped me over the years is the way that you can let someone scream & shout at you knowing that its either being recorded on your answering machine or witnessed by someone on the other end of the line.

    I've left a very heavy hint that if the phone turns up at the supermarket I might not need to report the theft.....

  4. Yeah, it's the Cabinet, that my local Mp is part of. Because Sheffield was chosen to be the trail blazers.

    Thanks for the nautical lesson!!

    phew.... thats the sound of your words going straight over the top of my head.

    Good Luck with your phone.

    C x

  5. Can't go to York as I'm tied up with Bike Week events down here. I'll try persuading someone else to cover it next year.

  6. Wow well done - you'll be chaining up to the railings in Downing Street when you go down then - make sure they don't refuse to take you & Ziggy on the train to London!

    Don't worry over much change how you count for your age - to base 20 you are only 23 years old - alternatively retirement age for men in binary is 1,000,001and I'm at present 11,101 years old (Binary)

  7. No Dave, Sadly I've not got that much 'clout' yet. The SDS team are taking me, in name only!!