Friday, 4 June 2010

Perfect day

I love helping out at The Inclusive Cycling, I find it really moving, knowing that I help enable folk to get the buzz, that I do, because to know I've enabled someone to feel as happy as I do, well it's just immense. It was the hottest day of the year today, and I met loads of folk, some were some very familiar ones like Steve, who'd just delivered some brand new KMX bikes, to Hills', for SNIPS (I can't tell you what it stands for, but it's a holiday play scheme run in the school holidays. For children with disabilities.) And they had such fun on them, it was great. Quite a few non disabled children, kept asking for a go, we did let them occasionally if none of the young disabled were using at the time, because we like folk to enjoy 3 wheels!!! :). Another familiar face was Dave Santa, and my lovely Fred of course. We stayed on the games court for lunch, and Laura and Mark fetched butties and replenishing drinks.

Andrew arrived, he's the survivor of brain injury who was influenced by Steve and I's visit back in April. And wow!! he cycled into the court on a bicycle. It was getting quite busy in the court, so Fred suggested that Andrew and I cycle around the park. I let him decide, which route we took, and what speed (although he did have to slow down for me on those Hills) After 4 laps of the park, I was actually quite relieved at seeing my taxi arrive, I was suffering with the heat.

Once home, Mr Potts arrived with my massively heavy chain in an inner tube. So I could lock up my trike securely at shops/pubs/train stations. I treated him to his tea, at the Spit, and I collapsed into bed at 1am. (on my own, btw....what were you thinking?)

I have booked a night in York, at Holiday Inn, with my children on the 19th of June. Steve's bringing my trike, and kiddies bikes, and us back to Sheffield. I just need to get there, on 1st approach customer services of Northern rail, refused to let me take my trike on the train. I will need to try again.


  1. Hey Caroline, it is a folding cycle - you don't need there permission! But you might need to learn how to fold and unfold Ziggy to carry that line off!!!

  2. I know Rob, and thanx. The thing is I aint very dextrous or strong, plus I'd forget, what I was doing, I want to avoid folding it.

  3. Caroline it is not JUST a cycle.It replaced your electric mobility scooter, which was a Class 2 or Class 3 invalid carriage (Class 3 I suspect as you'd not be satisfied with 4mph) Ergo, as a replacement for this Ziggy is also an invalid carriage, but a Class 1 version - propelled by the user. Measure Ziggy - if the dimensions are the same as a wheelchair it is obviously a wheelchair. Now what was the world speed record for a lawnmower?

    I've detailed some suggested actions directly to you. As one who has often had to secure funding for a variety of projects that do not fit the expected boxes I can say that you need to have some original thinking at times when dealing with bureaucracy and rules - but the refreshing part is that you often find people working on the other side who are equally enthusiastic in working out how to beat the system.

    Should ye get any expenses claim from me for any work I've done make a careful check on the category of lubricants. Oil and grease rarely come in 40 fluid oz containers.......Other lubricants do though (glug glug)

  4. I have to be honest Dave and I do really aprechiate your interest and helpful suggestions. But you need to speak slowly :)because it goes whoosh, straight o'r the top of my head. Steve's already offered to take the kids bikes up 4 me, i'll see if he offers to take Ziggy.

    And I'm afraid the fluid oz joke passed me by as well. On the other hand if you'd have said 10cc, I'd have understood ;)

  5. I've re read, and I follow now, I'm hoping to go to the nurses next week. So hopefully I'll get some sort of valification, whilst visiting. Thing is, they won't know will they whether it's a class 1 or 2, will they?

    Is valification a word?

    If it is are you impressed? :D

  6. I'm Impressed

    Valify is a portmanteau word like docusoap/docudrama and it means to validate and verify data, appears in a number of reports as valification

    Curses though - I've lost my dog so I've got to find all those phone numbers again!

    Class 1 is a mobility aid that you propel yourself and Class 2 is the slow sort of electric one for footways Class 3 is the faster ones which you have to switch to slower speed on footways. THe definition of the Class 1 category completely defines a cycle used for an individual as a mobility aid, so a cycle could be certified as a Class 1 invalid carriage. Easy to look up.

    My lubricants have a high ethanol content - typically 40% ABV (or EBV)

  7. Did you get the jist or jiz at the 10cc joke?

    :D I know, I have a gutter mind.

  8. Only 10cc! How little it takes.....

  9. hey crosscountry trains refused you as well as northern...................