Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Thank you Dave (a different 1) and thanks Pete

Roll on the end of the school hols, I feel such a meanie, for saying it. Because I do love my children but I think now I have a little bit of an interest, besides them. That's it, they'll be damned rather than let Mum have peace, or speak to someone about anything other them, Rant, over.

Today I cycled to the bus stop, and locked my trike up, using My wee boys bike lock, because I'd only got one key for my more secure one, and I am so likely to loose the one, that I took the only one with 2 keys.

Called in M&S to spend my £20 voucher that the Centre of Independent Living, gave me ages ago. I bought a gorgeous silk scarf, (how extravagant of me? It cast £20!!!!!) Anyway I had worn a strappy top, the first one of the year, and I was feeling ok. Until F* said ' Hey Mum, can you see where we used permanent marker, on your back? everyone else can!!!

I wanted to go home.

We got off the bus to get Ziggy, and I don't know how it happened but, the flimsy key had become all twisted. I knew there was no point in trying, to turn it because it would simply snap. No worries, I've got a spare???? And I have ne' seen my son run as fast, he saw the chance to save the situation and ran home. Bless him, he returned and couldn't gulp in the air quick enough for his wee lungs. Bad news, I couldn't find a key!!!

Remember Pete? my neighbour, the one that has lived 3 doors away, for 20 years. But we never spoke until we bumped into one another on a dating site :D We have been fab friends since, he's one of my best friends. Well I phoned him first, he didn't answer, urrrgh. I left a voice mail, but I didn't even know if he'd pick up. So I phoned Dave, remember the Star, that rescued me when Ziggy folded??? Who was there within a minute, just as Pete arrived. I'm so lucky to have such fantastic friends, I'm not worthy sometimes :)

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow, and some adult company. But I didn't want to go to Hillsborough, if Fred didn't want me. It's his baby at the mo, and I don't want anyone to think that I'm an extra responsibility, or owt. So I phoned him and I'm really pleased to say, he said how helpful I was last week and yeah he'd like it.

After that I'm buying Mr Potts tea at the Spit, because he's making me a super dooper bike lock, with 3 spare keys!!!

I'm calm now, it's only taken me 3hrs!!!

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  1. You've got us hooked - what was written on your back.....

    So you have a bit of an interest, can I guess what that is? I thought it was only men who had a bike on the side, and there is an opinion that there are no monogamous males at all, just a limit to the number of bikes (or cars) you can have in addition to a wife. Now for women it should be handbags and shoes in addition to a husband. Should you be seeking help here?