Thursday, 17 September 2009

Awww I love my life, it's only when I start to analyse stuff that I question bits of it. And get all reminiscent and maudlin. Today was no exception, I got my wee boy off to school, (my girl's away, with school). It was nice, no squabbles about who was going to sleep next to mum last night, as a special treat. I was deluded into thinking life with two children would be much easier. But I spend my entire home life being a referee, usually I'm the game and the prize!!!!!!!

Anyway, I'm gibbering on again. Today at Cycle For Health it was really successful, for many reasons, although I didn't actually say owt to folk about being a Health Champion, I definitely had the desired effect. It's like I said b4 in my blog, trikes make folk smile and chat. Heaven forbid, if I was shy?

A young woman asked me if she could work with me. And I loved it, that she had felt ok doing that , and people saw me as approachable.

I struggled with the uphills in Hillsborough Park, of which Steve had said there were none :) And felt a teensy bit awkward because I'd had to ask Fred, and Yvonne, no sorry Angela, for assistance - It's a joke, you had to be there, im afraid :)

I heard Fred, Amanda and David playfully arguing about who was supporting me. It was great, It was like 'I'm Spartacus,' no, but 'I am,' no, 'I am!'

Dave took lots of photos, which might appear on here later. (see above!)

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