Friday, 11 September 2009

(Photo: Giving my scooter the thumbs down!)

I stayed in a lot today, to catch up with mundane stuff like getting grass stains out of school uniforms...any ideas?

I'm also sooo skint, that is another reason why I’m glad I’ve been taken on as a health champion, because I will get transport costs now paid for. And honestly that's such a relief, as I was pissing the bank (and folk) off. Because I needed not only taxis, but comfy trainers, a backpack and massage sessions. Speaking of money, I will be £1200 pa better off now after packing in my mobility scooter. all I do, moan?

I don't know why I do it, because I’m actually very happy, which I put down to the exercise I’m doing. And the positivity I know folk get from seeing me ride my trike. Do I look funny or summat? :D

I can't tricycle past a pedestrian without them making a jolly quirky comment. I don't think a shy person could ever ride a trike.

I cycled to the coop at lunchtime. And I thought, wow, it's warm. I then did the coop and school run just for the hell of it really, because I think it does my kids good to see a disabled person participating in stuff. And the gang of teenagers, who'd laughed at me a couple of weeks ago? They are like best buddies wi' me now.

I got home and Dave from Pedal Ready came around, to fix a wing mirror on Gretel :) My kids love meeting my cycling friends because they're all so positive.

BTW..... lovely Steve from CTC gave me a fab bike lock yesterday, how much easier than those bloody awful combination ones. But I 'stoved' the large sharp knife into my hand last night, whilst taking tags and stuff off.....ouch! I needed a couple of stitches I reckon. But I’ve just got nicer things to do with my life, than wait in hospitals.

Thank you to everybody whose commented on my blog. It's great hearing from folk.

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