Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I really find it encouraging that folk read my blog. And some actually follow it. I mean, I could never write that I'd sat on my ass all day eating cream cakes. And I can't lie (it's a brain injury thing!!) So it makes me do stuff, so thank you all.

Well, I did sit on my ass all morning, I had a lot of stuff to do. Mostly around trying to get funding to buy a new trike, as the one I'm using is only loaned. And I'm going to London Recumbents in October to look there. But the one I've seen there is about £2500 & another £2000 if I want a battery putting on for the difficult hills, of which there are many, in Sheffield. Dave of Pedal Ready and Steve of the CTC have helped me choose a suitable one. And Steve is actually taking me to London to have a go.

I've secured funding tomorrow to enable me to go and 'lead by example' as a 'Health Champion' on the Cycle for Health course.

(It was solemn at the school gates today, without my mate.)

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