Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I'm knackered, I must have a soak, to ease my aching bones/muscles. I couldn't face the school run this morning, I was still sore from yesterday. It's ok when I meet my kids, and we freewheel home, they think that's cool. But when we have to stop about four times going to school, because I'm sweating like a pig, and struggling to breathe, it ain't very attractive. So I skipped this morning's ride, and caught the bus.

Coincidence or not, I am in love with the world, and an acquaintance of mine got in touch out of the blue, I should have been angry, but because he'd missed me (haha) it boosted my confidence no end. And then my best mate said she'd been missing me, and wanted a coffee. So I'm feeling attractive at the mo.

2.30 - I know it's outrageous how early I set off in order to avoid arriving at the school gates all wheezy and red, not forgetting wet!! I pedalled up M. Lane, where as usual I struggled at the top. Three workmen, from some gas firm, saw me struggle. And instead of laughing at me, they got out the van, and pushed me to the top of the lane. I never thought my trike would have such a positive effect on folk!!

I arrived at the gates, and collared two folk and explained about the photo I wanted at school. Before I knew it there was about 10 folk, 20 kids, and a dog(!!), all crowding round to be in the photo. I felt gooooood!!

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