Friday, 4 September 2009

I woke at 3.00 am, and couldn't get back to sleep, I was too excited. It just reminded me of that night three months ago, when I lay awake wondering if I'd be able to even cycle. And how I hadn't wanted to let Steve down, from the CTC, because he seemed to have so much faith, whilst I doubted.

But today was different, not only was there Steve and his kids, there were the the great folk I'd met from Pedal Ready, who'd pulled out all the stops when 'Gretel' needed repairing. Everyone was right behind me on my latest venture which, not only would satisfy my need to be liked/needed, but would keep me sooooo very into cycling, and hey I could prove to elitist cyclists that you don't need to be athletic, and fit to be passionate about cycling.

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