Thursday, 10 September 2009

The day began with me opening my emails as normal, I had 3 which were wishing me luck for the day. And commenting on my blog, and how it amused them, which was good. And made me feel happy.

What a superb day, the sky was clear blue, not a cloud to be seen. But yet it wasn't scorching, because it's September....just perfect.

I arrived at the park at 10.30 am, tentatively stepped into the portakabin. At least I knew what to expect now. And I knew that non of the staff would have any expectations of me. Immediately I heard Steve (ctc), a welcoming loud voice. Then I saw my darling Fred (from Pedal Ready), so I immediately felt at ease. I was introduced to a few others, but I ain’t good with names, it’s a brain thingy.

Steve took Yvonne (my p.a.) and I over to check out the bikes. Steve got out the very heavy, (but looked fab) recumbent bike. This was the one, I’d come to look at really. I stepped into it, without difficulty, and was off....... Unfortunately it doesn’t have any gears, so it wouldn’t really help round Sheffield. But it did seem easier to control, and stop.

I tried out a couple of trikes that had no gears and were able to reverse. They were just so hard, I couldn't freewheel and because the pedals span around, they kept banging my ankles. Steve explained that they were popular with people who had Autism, because of the repetitive motion of constantly pedaling. (hard work!!)

The hand powered trike was a different ball game, it was horrid and possibly my least favourite. But I’m lucky enough to be able to say that, so I’m sorry if I sound like a smug git!

I set off and Steve shouts: “Don't go far, you won't be able to get back!!' Too late. “Help,” I shouted from the bottom of the hill I can't get back!!" He had to come and push me back, which was no mean feat!

A really interesting day, it opened my eyes to the difficulties others may have. And I actually felt quite lucky.

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  1. your blog caroline is inspiring:) keep it up and you will go far.