Saturday, 5 September 2009

I'm all a bit tearful today, probably because I don't usually have a lot of time to be self indulgent and think about my own personal achievements, and wants. I'm child free for a change, which has given me the luxury of some self analysis. Which always leads to me being emotional.

Physically I only cycled to 'M. Avenue', which in terms of difficulty, I would say it was on a par with T. Rise. It is very steep.

I have met so many lovely folk through cycling. Steve introduced me to 'Cycle for Health' , who again were beautiful folk. Not just because they were getting paid for it either. Because all too often, they offered their service out of love for cycling and for people.

And I had previously thought my life to be full, and fairly excitable. But I've found room to deal with the various lil' projects, I'm going to become involved in.

I ain't used my mobility scooter for 9 days now, and it feels fantastic!!

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