Monday, 7 September 2009

Today was strange, firstly my lil' boy came into my bed at 3 am, saying 'do I have to come and watch you have a heart attack in the morning mum?' Poor thing, had taken my word as oath when I said, 'it gave me a heart attack, I was so unfit.'

But once we'd got that issue cleared up, (bless him) and my 10 year old spent way too long doing her hair etc, we all ended up going about 100 yards apart, not at all dream like. But hey I made it with my mate Julie, saying that I didn't look like a tomato.

I hope my pc doesn't let me down now, because I'm all emotional, and I need to seize the moment. I strained and struggled to school this am, it was so difficult. My kids disowned me, and gone was the fantasy that I'd somehow glide to school, instead I grunted.

I got home and realised I needed to go to the shops and the chemist. I couldn't face steep M. Lane, plus home, plus back to school to fetch the kids. Even though they had both forbidden me to go on 'Gretel'. I hate to go against my kids wishes, but I just thought 'who's the adult?' 'fcku em' So at 2.15, I did all the shops and chemist, and went to the school gates!! I sweated like a fat pig but hey, I'd done it!! Because there was a crowd round Gretel, my kids wanted in on the action and were very proud. So I'm pleased with my decision.

Things are looking good, on the Wheels for All front, and the Cycle for Health, I've got a meeting on Weds, and Steve's taking me to 'London Recumbents' in October, so I'm happy.

(Fab reception when I went to school at three. I'm so glad I didn't put it off anymore.)

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