Saturday, 26 September 2009

My wee boy woke me at 3, then at 7. Wanting to know if it was time for BMX day yet? He was unbearable, but I was very proud that he was so into something so healthy. And I suppose I was pleased that I was encouraging it.

My daughter spent all morning, in the shower and applying her 'slap'. She was only interested in the boys who may be at the BMX day. (Her mother's own daughter, as the saying goes :) )

I was delighted to see A* today, it was great. I don't know if I had any influence on her decision to go, but she did really enjoy herself. And hey, I do come in useful sometimes (as the bag minder!) A* did really well, in the older persons group. My boy, on the other hand, was not a 'happy bunny' - he got given a smaller bike, with flowers on!! Anyway I reckon, if I can communicate with A* about the next one, she will definitely go.


Oooooh I've just had a strange man phone, (tipped off by the lovely Fred). He wants to come and snip my bush;) - That is, take my otherwise wasted eating apples, and give em to the needy.

I had to take Gretel for a wee spin.

Do I sound like Julie Andrews?

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  1. Just wanted to reflect on the distance (both in tyre tracks and in confidence) you have come Caroline. Remember when you told me you didn't think you could get to the end of Endcliffe Park? Imagine what you would have told me if I told you that you'd be waving good bye to your mobility scooter and begin encouraging others to make healthy choices too. See you tomorrow - we'll go cycling.